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You’re just 2 classes away from your ASA or US Powerboating certification

ASA 101 Sailing Class

  • Professional, licensed & certified instructor
  • Two full days on the water
  • ASA Log Book
  • ASA-101 Certification

ASA 101 (Beginner)

All great journeys begin with a single step. BPY’s Beginning Sailing experience is your first step into a new world with endless possibilities.

ASA 103

  • Advanced training in systems & boat handling
  • Professional, licensed & certified instructor
  • Three full days on the water
  • ASA-103 Certification

ASA 103 (Intermediate)

Move to a larger boat with the amenities necessary to enable you to go further and stay on the boat longer on the open sea.

ASA 104 Sailing Class

  • Cruise on luxurious 34' - 47' sailing yacht
  • 3 days/2 nights on Catalina Island
  • ASA-104 certification
  • ASA Certified Instructor

ASA 104 (Advanced) 

This 3-day cruise to Catalina Island in moderate winds and sea conditions gives sailors the confidence to provision, trim, navigate, and anchor.

ASA 114

  • Gain ASA Certification for chartering a catamaran
  • Approximately 8 hours
  • Boat handling under sail, and how it differs from mono-hulls.

ASA 114 (Catamaran)

Students learn close quarters maneuvering, anchoring and docking techniques that are specific to multi-hull sailing vessels.

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Sailing & Powerboating Lessons

In addition to practical training, we offer videos designed to help you learn quickly and easily



Featured sailboats + catamarans

Featured Charters

  DREAM CATCHER Dufour 560

   Berths 3D • Heads 3 • Cabins 3


   Berths 2 • Heads 1 • Cabins 1

  SEPTEMBER BLISS Jeanneau 440

   Berths 3 • Heads 2 • Cabins 3

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What separates us from our competitors

The biggest, oldest, most expensive, OR least expensive isn’t necessarily the best. We purposely have a smaller, more exclusive fleet. We won’t accept just any boat. BPY vessels are professionally maintained and have the best reputation versus our competitors (in terms of maintenance AND quality).

Each of our vessels are given the proper time and attention to ensure they are well taken care of and most importantly, safe. Our staff to vessel ratio is the best in the marina. We also don’t rush our students in short, compact classes. We ensure our students are provided with the necessary time to practice and develop their skillset.

We aren’t just looking to just make a profit by sending as many students as possible through our ASA classes as quickly as possible. And on the opposite end, we also won’t over sell you by making you purchase large class and/or charter packages up front that you don’t necessarily need or will use.

In order to become a skilled sailor, we provide our students with the proper water time and instruction time. Our quality of USCG licensed captains and instructors is unbeatable as well. In addition to not accepting just any boat, we won’t accept just any instructor.

What’s more, our BPY staff is known for providing the best customer service experience in the marina. Blue Pacific Yachting will provide you with a top level/premier experience. Come see why BPY is the only ASA school in Marina del Rey with a top, 5-star Yelp score.

Based on 49 reviews
Nicholas P.
Nicholas P.
I've completed the ASA 101, 103, 104, and 114 courses at Blue Pacific, as well as chartered one of their smaller boats for a day sail with friends, and have had nothing but great experiences with the staff and instructors! I recently took the combined 104 / 114 class with Captain Chris Kehrli who I highly recommend as an instructor. He perfectly balances safety, teaching, and fun - and like all of the blue pacific team is friendly and professional throughout. If you're at all curious about sailing, this is a great place to start!
Joseph B.
Joseph B.
Outstanding charters! Outstanding service! We've chartered twice now and the concierge-like service is unmatched in the South Bay. Chartering the boat was so quick and easy both times. Both times we were met at the dock by the courteous and knowledgeable staff who walked me through a very thorough pre-sail inspection and walk-through, answering all of my questions. The boat, Dream Catcher (Dufour 560), is in impeccable condition and is obviously well-maintained. We have become members knowing that we have found a great organization who will meet all of our chartering needs.
David H.
David H.
Just completed the new Power Boating course at Blue Pacific over the past two weekends with extremely competent and knowledgeable instructor Chris Kehrli. Absolutely fantastic time! This course covered everything; safety, boat operation, maneuvering and docking, navigation, fueling/pump-out, and rules of the road, culminating in a weekend to Catalina to prepare for bareboat chartering. Great value for money, and lots of boat time.  Blue Pacific has consistently exceeded my expectations, with warm and welcoming office staff, modern facilities, and very professional, competent, and fun instructors. Probably the only place in So. Cal. to provide this... a must for anyone wanting to explore and or prepare for chartering power boats.
Ben H.
Ben H.
We had a great day at Sea with BPY. Our group of 15 rented a 75 footer. Things got pretty crazy once the Aux chord started to get passed and the white claws started to flow. The staff was amazing, cleaning as we were having fun eating cake and drinking and always making sure the fridge was stocked. They also helped load and unload the paddle boards. I was hoping to drive the boat - got Denied. Our outing was a little long, 6 hours at Sea in the heat was draining and fatiguing. Luckily there was indoor seating and tons of H2O
A X.
A X.
I had an excellent experience getting my ASA 101 certification here. The quality of the instruction, the boats, and the overall experience is excellent. I'll be continuing my sailing education here. The value is extremely high.
Winston L.
Winston L.
I took the ASA 101 class here with Curtis. He's an amazing instructor who really walked us through everything and always made sure we understood. He instilled a lot of confidence in me to be able to sail even though I've never sailed before. The sailboat we were on looked very well maintained and was easy to learn on. The school itself has a great system of online booking, classroom, communication, and making sure you're prepared to take the class. I'll definitely be coming back here for my ASA 103!
Jessica G.
Jessica G.
I went from only being on a sailboat once in my life to complete confidence. Curtis was an informative and enjoyable instructor both in the classroom and on the boat. The class was small and had a mix of experience. Would encourage anyone of any skill level to join. Pro tip: definitely read the book beforehand focusing on the terms in the glossary.
Yixiao Y.
Yixiao Y.
I recently passed ASA 101 at Blue Pacific and highly recommend this sailing school/club to others! It was a lot of materials to cover over the course of two days, but our instructor, Aaron, did a really fantastic job explaining and demonstrating everything. I really look forward to continuing ASA 103 with Blue Pacific in just a few weeks! A few things to highlight: 1) I did a TON of research prior to signing up at Blue Pacific, comparing different ASA schools listed below in Marina del Rey (they are all priced very differently), and BPY is the BEST bang for your buck if you are a quick learner: - Marina Sailing: the cheapest, but their boats are in absolutely awful condition. You can see how terrible and old the sails are just by watching their boats drive by. Could cause safety issues if the boats are in terrible conditions. - Bluewater Sailing: owner is really nice, but about 2.5x expensive for just 101 alone (about $2000, way too much imo), more thorough and you get more on-water time. To me, the cost is not worth it personally. Could be useful to those who don't find sailing intuitive and need more time to pick up the most basic skills. Not a fit for me. - BPY: I find sailing (similar to driving) very intuitive especially when you are sitting at the helm and wind is hitting your face. I was not overwhelmed by any of the materials thrown at me over the course of two days, and thought I picked everything up pretty quickly. There was someone in my class who didn't pass 101, and it is NOT a reflection of the teaching quality of the instructor at all. Some people take longer to pick up skills, and that's perfectly ok. I thought our instructor Aaron did an amazing job, and it's a good thing that not everyone passes 101 -- that means the school sticks to its standards. Overall BPY is really good if you're a quick learner! 2) BPY does reciprocity with other sailing clubs! It's like a buddy / sister club system where if you're a member at another sailing club, you might get membership discounts at BPY too. Talk to Ruth in the office -- she's very nice and helpful if you have any questions!
Stephen A.
Stephen A.
I took the ASA 104 and 114 with Blue Pacific Yachting. Very professional and would highly recommend this group. The 38 ft  Lagoon Catamaran we sailed on was in excellent condition. Shout out to Captain Greg Hines for a wonderful class.
Thomas Y.
Thomas Y.
Hard to book and difficult to deal with! I checked in the day before my reservation and was told the boat I reserved was given away to another client. I DO NOT recommend booking with blue pacific; their inconsistency makes it impossible to schedule in advance.

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We look forward to helping you achieve your nautical goals. If you're just starting out, or hoping to increase your experience level and skillset, we'll get you there. Blue Pacific Yachting has served the Marina del Rey community for more than 30 years. With Sailing instruction, powerboating courses, trips to Catalina Island and the Channel Islands, yacht racing classes, spinnaker clinics, catamaran courses, docking clinics, instructor certification courses — we cover it all. Plus, we have a beautiful fleet of boats to bareboat charter. We are proud to be LA's premier boating destination.

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