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The Blue Pacific Yachting Marina del Rey sailing school offers a variety of classes for all ages and experience levels. The school also offers full-service boat charters and rentals.

Professional Instructors

The best way to learn how to sail is by taking an introductory course with a professional instructor. The instructors at Blue Pacific Yachting have decades of experience sailing in Southern California and around the world. They are all certified USCG licensed captains who have been working in the industry for years. They can teach you everything from basic sailing terminology and techniques to advanced techniques, advanced navigation skills, and anchoring during their time at Blue Pacific Yachting.

The courses 

The courses will last about three hours and include a tour of the marina’s facilities. You’ll also get a chance to try out some of the boats on offer, including catamarans and monohulls, that are great for both beginners and experienced sailors alike. They offer both private and group lessons. The sailing classes are perfect for beginners and experienced sailors alike because they offer classes that range from one-day seminars to week-long courses. 

If you’re going to be in Marina Del Rey for an extended period, you might want to consider renting one of their boats for an entire day or longer. This way, you’ll get plenty of practice time while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the coast of California!

 Courses offered at Blue Pacific Yachting include: 

  •  Beginning Sailing – ASA 101
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Beginning Sailing – ASA 101

Beginning sailing class 101 starts with basic terminology and concepts, the building blocks of solid, nautical knowledge and skills. You and your crew will use what you’ve learned to sail the 25-foot boat with little supervision. You and your fellow novices will take control of the sailboat and sail it efficiently and safely from one location to another. 

By the end of the 14-hour sailing course, you’ll get the novice label. If you make it, you will be awarded with an ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification by the instructor. This prestigious achievement will demonstrate to the world that you have earned the right to call yourself a sailor. 

  • Beginning/Intermediate Sailing (ASA) 101/103
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Beginning/Intermediate Sailing-ASA 101/103

You will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to sail a modern, mid-sized cruising yacht. Learn to sail in a supportive and safe atmosphere under the skilled guidance of our experienced instructors.

  • 0 to Hero ASA 101-104 Classes
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0 to Hero ASA 101-104

Learn to sail on one of our Merit 25 keelboats, then progress to our Catalina 27 and finally to our Jeanneau 44. The price includes 5 nights on a new Jeanneau 440, a linen package (new bedding and towels), a high-quality experience, 4 days of provisioning, and ASA 101-104 certificates. 2 confidence sails (one for a 25-foot sailboat and one for a 36-foot vessel) plus a complimentary extended on-the-water check-in prior to the first multi-day charter (confidence sails and extended checkout must be redeemed within 90-days).

  • Intermediate Sailing 103
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Intermediate Sailing-ASA 103

In Intermediate Sailing, you will continue your knowledge of terms and technologies. You must now know the parts of the boat on which you rely for food, water, and shelter, in addition to protection.

You’ll learn about weather and navigation, as well as how to apply what you’ve learned to trip planning. Beginning Sailing was a day-long class. Intermediate Sailing students begin to learn about night sailing. Prevention and response to onboard emergencies become increasingly vital as you progress on a sailboat.

ASA 103’s ultimate purpose is to teach students how to live on a sailboat. You will most likely start by staying on the yacht for a weekend or a week. You’ll soon discover that the amount of time you spend sailing and the destinations you visit are only limited if you want them to be. ASA 103 is certainly a doorway to a new world.

  • Catalina Island Sailing ASA 104
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Catalina Island Sailing-ASA 104

Gain confidence by provisioning the boat; calculating compass courses; using electronics (GPS, chart plotter, depth sounder, knot meter, Autopilot) to navigate to your destination; steering the boat; trimming the sails; learning to use and care for the roller furling genoa; standing watch; setting an anchor, picking up a mooring, towing and using the dinghy and outboard; and troubleshooting the boat systems. Your instructor will talk about night sailing, strong weather, and emergencies at sea, and will try to pass on years of local cruising experience to you. 

  • Catalina Island & Catamaran Sailing ASA 104/114
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Catalina Island & Catamaran Sailing-ASA 114

This one-day course provides students with the knowledge and practical experience required to sail catamarans. Students are taught close-quarters maneuvering, anchoring, and docking methods specific to multi-hull sailing yachts.

  • Docking Certification ASA 118
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Docking Certification-ASA 118

The many forms of docking in these full-day sailing lessons will go over by the instructor. You will learn how to handle the breeze and currents, as well as the many ways to land safely on a mid-sized cruise boat.

You’ll have plenty of practice pulling into a slip, landing on a lengthy dock, and approaching a mooring from all angles and conditions.

Our team is passionate

There is nothing like sailing to get you out of your shell! At Blue Pacific Yachting Marina del Rey our team is passionate about providing a safe and fun environment for people from all around the world to learn how to sail in a variety of sailing classes.

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