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Trust is everything

You want the best experience possible from beginning sailing with 2 days on the water with ASA certified instructors and get your log book .. to a 5 day trip to Catalina for your advanced Catamaran training.  But don’t take our word for it — we love this review so much, we just havge to share it with everyone reading our blog.  Thanks Yixiao for expressing your experience with Blue Pacific Yachting sailing school in Marina del Rey is such great depth — it was a pleasure to work with you.

Don’t take our word for it!  Read what Yixiao had to say about BPY

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I recently passed ASA 101 at Blue Pacific and highly recommend this sailing school  /club to others! It was a lot of materials to cover over the course of two days, but our instructor,  Aaron, did a really fantastic job explaining and demonstrating everything. I really look forward to continuing ASA 103 with Blue Pacific in just a few weeks!

Aaron, did a really fantastic job explaining and demonstrating everything. I really look forward to continuing ASA 103 with Blue Pacific Sailing School in just a few weeks!

A few things to highlight:

1) I did a TON of research prior to signing up at Blue Pacific, comparing different ASA schools listed below in Marina del Rey (they are all priced very differently), and BPY is the BEST bang for your buck if you are a quick learner:

  • Marina Sailing: the cheapest, but their boats are in absolutely awful condition. You can see how terrible
  •  and old the sails are just by watching their boats drive by. Could cause safety issues if the boats are in terrible conditions.
  • Bluewater Sailing: owner is really nice, but about 2.5x expensive for just 101 alone (about $2000, way too much imo), more thorough and you get more on-water time. To me, the cost is not worth it personally. Could be useful to those who don’t find sailing intuitive and need more time to pick up the most basic skills. Not a fit for me.
  • Blue Pacific Yachting | Sailboat Charters | Powerboat Rentals | ASA Classes |

    Blue Pacific Yachting Sailing School : I find sailing (similar to driving) very intuitive especially when you are sitting at the helm and wind is hitting your face. I was not overwhelmed by any of the materials thrown at me over the course of two days, and thought I picked everything up pretty quickly. There was someone in my class who didn’t pass 101, and it is NOT a reflection of the teaching quality of the instructor at all. Some people take longer to pick up skills, and that’s perfectly ok. I thought our instructor Aaron did an amazing job, and it’s a good thing that not everyone passes 101 — that means the school sticks to its standards. Overall BPY is really good if you’re a quick learner!

Join the Club

2) BPY does reciprocity with other sailing clubs! It’s like a buddy / sister club system where if you’re a member at another sailing club, you might get membership discounts at BPY too. Talk to Ruth in the office — she’s very nice and helpful if you have any questions.

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