Boating Club

The Blue Pacific Yachting Club connects you to the dynamic, ever-changing world of sailing and powerboating. Get all the benefits of membership by choosing one of our two payment options.

Summary of Membership Benefits

  • Special member rates on charters and classes, year round
  • Half day rates available during off season on select charter boats
  • Discounted rates on group sails for you and one guest
  • Member rates for adventure sailing, worldwide
  • Special, members-only events including seminars and social events
  • Special offers on gear and equipment
  • Use of local yacht club facilities.

Membership Rates

Monthly: $125 initiation + $45/month
Yearly: $620 per year (includes $125 initiation plus 11 months)

EARLY TERMINATION: Member understands that Membership is for a minimum period of one year (12 months) and that early termination of membership results in a fee of two hundred dollars ($200).

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We look forward to helping you achieve your goals. If you’re just starting out or hoping to increase your experience level and skillset, we’ll get you there. Blue Pacific Yachting has served the Marina del Rey community for more than 30 years. Sailing, powerboating, trips to Catalina Island and the Channel Islands, yacht racing classes, spinnaker clinics, catamaran courses, docking clinics, instructor certification courses — we cover it all. We are proud to be LA’s premier boating destination.


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